Frequently Asked Questions

About rent-a-bike

Can I reserve a bicycle?

Reservations can be made at the following shops.

Can I abandon the rental bicycle after riding it?

You cannot leave a bicycle which you rent in Ieura at Karato Port. Only“Karato Port Rental Bicycle”located in Karato Port, allows the abandonment of bikes at Ieura Port (with an additional fee).

Is there a rental cycle that children can ride?

There is no rental service of electric bicycles that a child can ride (Tonosho Rental Bicycle does rent to middle school students and older).

Are there bicycles with child seats?

There are three types of electric-assisted bicycles capable of carrying infants in“NPO Teshima PP Project”.Please contact NPO Teshima PP Project directly for details.

Can one get around with a normal bicycle?

Because there are many steep roads on the island, we recommend that you travel around by electric bicycle.

How long does it take to do a lap on an electric bicycle?

Going around the island takes roughly 12 km; taking about an hour and a half.

About buses and taxi

Can one travel between the artworks by bus?

This is possible. Since the buses come infrequently, please check the timetable, and be prepared to walk during some parts of the tour.

Is there a one-day ticket for the buses?

There is none. Every ride costs ¥200 for adults (middle school students and older) and ¥100 for children (from 5 years old to elementary school students). ※ Free of charge under 5 years old

Is there a car rental?

There is “Akeda Gas Station” at Ieura Port.

Is there a taxi on the island?

Since there is only one, please contact the following phone number if you wish to use it. Akiyama Taxi  0879-68-2111

Are the boats connected to the buses?

Some trips are not connected, so please check the boat and bus timetables.<Access

About boats

Can I reserve tickets for boats in advance?

Reservations are not possible.

Can I buy a boat ticket anytime?

For Shodoshima Teshima Ferry / Shikoku Kisen, it can be purchased 30 minutes before departure; for Teshima Ferry 20 minutes before departure.

Do I need a numbered ticket to travel by boat?

Only Shodoshima Teshima Ferry passenger boats might require a numbered ticket. Other boat companies distribute numbered tickets only at times of congestion.

Is it possible that one cannot get on a boat due to it being full?

Yes, it is possible. When crowded, passenger boats may not be able to be boarded, because their capacity is less than 100 people. In such cases please get on the next boat or go via another port. At times of congestion, we recommend using a ferry with a large capacity.

Can I go to Teshima with my private car?

Although you can get in, you can only transport a car on a ferry. There is a ferry service between Uno Port, Teshima. and Tonosho Port, so please check the<Access>. In addition, boats coming from Naoshima and Takamatsu are passenger-only boats (only people can board them), so please come to the island by ferry via Uno Port or Tonosho Port.

Can I go to Teshima with my bicycle?

Same as for cars above, this is only possible via ferries.

Can I go to Teshima by private boat?

Because the places where mooring is possible are limited, we cannot accept approaching the island on a private boat. Thank you for your understanding.

Are there charter boats?

Yes.However, the fare and capacity differ depending on each shipping company,so please click the <access> to check it out.

About art

When are the artworks open to the public?

Since the opening dates vary depending on the artwork, please check the opening calendar.

Does it cost money to appreciate the artworks?

Except for outdoor art installations, there is a viewing fee. For details, please check each artwork’s page.

Is there a common ticket for the artworks?

There is none. Please pay the viewing fee at each facility.

How long does it take to view the artworks?

Please regard the<artworks’ top page>.

Are numbered tickets distributed?

They may be distributed at Teshima Art Museum and Shima Kitchen during times of congestion (especially during Golden Week and Obon).

Are there guided tours?

There is Benesse Art Site Naoshima’s appreciation tour and a guided tour of the Teshima Site. For details, please check each website.

About restaurants and accommodations

Is there a restaurant where one can have breakfast or dinner?

Please check the restaurant page.

Is there accommodation for same-day overnight stays?

Fundamentally, advance reservation is necessary. After checking the accommodation page, please contact each directly.

The hotels on the island are all fully booked. What should I do?

Please use hotels in neighboring places, such as Takamatsu, Okayama, Naoshima, and Shodoshima.

Is there a place for camping?

There is no place to put up a campsite or pitch a tent.


Are there places on the island where I can use credit cards?

You can use credit cards in the following places:

Teshima Art Museum,Teshima Yokoo House, Les Archives du Cœur、Teshima 8 Million Lab,Teshima Marche,Setouchi Karen,Umi no Restaurant,Takamatsuya

Please be aware that for boat tickets only cash payments are possible.

Are there coin lockers?

There is no coin locker, but there is storage for hand luggage at Ieura Port. At Karato Port, hand luggage can be left with Karato Port Rental Bicycle.

Is there a tourist information office?

There is a tourist information office in Teshima Marche, right at Ieura Port.

Is there an ATM on the island?

There are ATMs at Teshima Post Office and JA. Please note that the JA only supports domestic cards. Please check the linked pages for details.

Is there a hospital on the island?

There is none.

Is there a pharmacy on the island?

There is none. Please bring your daily or necessary medication with you.

Is there a place to buy alcohol on the island?

Please check the page of the various shops.

Is there a bathing beach?

There is none.

Is there a place to change diapers or breastfeed?

There is such a place inside the cultural center of Ieura Port.

Is there a place to buy groceries on the island?

Please check the page of the various shops.

Can I visit the industrial waste treatment facility?

Advance reservation is required. Please contact the following telephone number: 0879-68-2150(a.m. 9:00- p.m.6:00 exept Tue. Wed. Holiday )

Is there a sightseeing brochure?

Only the Teshima Guide Map will be distributed, with maps of the island and timetables of boats and buses. The same data (PDF) is posted here.

NPO Teshima Tourism Association

For visitors arriving to Teshima as a group (10 people or more)