For visitors arriving to Teshima as a group (10 people or more)

About viewing artworks

In case of coming as part of a group of at least 10 people, the following facilities need advance reservation. Please apply at the website of each facility. Even when viewing artworks other than the following, you might need to wait. For details, please contact the individual contact addresses of the artworks.

Artworks requiring advance reservation

Teshima Art Museum Teshima Yokoo House Les Archives du Cœur Teshima 8 Million Lab

Regarding island transportation

When using the bus

There is no bus service for groups on the island. For the island’s shuttle bus, islanders have priority, and the capacity is 28 people. Please be aware that if you use it, it may become over capacity. If you need a bus, please charter one with a bus company outside the island.
  • When bringing in a bus When chartering a bus, make sure to choose one below small size, preferably a minibus. Please be aware that roads are narrow on the island, and large buses cannot move around. The ferry between Uno and Tonosho is the only boat that can carry vehicles. Vehicles cannot be transported on other boats.
  • About parking lots Please note that the artworks have no parking lots dedicated to buses. Please be careful not to inconvenience other customers when using a general parking lot. For the parking lot of each artwork, please check the artwork’s page.

When using a bicycle

When using rental bicycles, we recommend that you book them in advance. Please check the number of rental bicycles in each store on the website.
Reservations can be made at the following shops:

When walking around

On the this file , you can check the travel times on foot.

About lunch

Since many of the island’s restaurants are small shops, please make an advance reservation if at least 10 people visit at the same time. Please confirm here the number of seats at each store.