Teshima nature house

Teshima nature house is complementary self-styled  lodging house. It is backpackers. This lodging house was built by remodeling a nursery school, after that It has been used by various people for about 30 years, such as solo trips, family trips, seminar camps, and long-term stays at work. The rooms are large dormitory-type respectively for  men or women, but It is also possible to rent the whole room according to the number of people.(ex.group or family)
We very much welcome long-term stays and multi-person stays.
About 5 seconds walk from Karato Oka Shukaisho mae bus stop.
About 10 minutes walk to the terraces overlooking Teshima Art Museum and  Seto Inland Sea.

Closed Not scheduled(Close:Dec 22.~Dec 28.)
Check-in 15:00~ (Please let us know your arrival time in advance)
Check-out 10:00
Price 【Stay the night】
Adult ;¥3,000(per person)
Elementary and junior high school students;¥2,500(per person)

【Temporary use during the day】
For lectures, classrooms, workshops, etc.
Japanese-style room;¥5,000(per room)
Kitchen;¥5,000(per room)
Washing machine,¥300

※Both Japanese-style room and kitchen;¥5,000 in total

【For business use】
Rooms 3 large rooms : dormitory-type rooms respectively for  men or women (shared room)
・Japanese-style room with about 20 tatami mats (Up to 8~10 person)
・5 bunk beds  room (Up to 10 person)
・4 bunk beds room (Up to 8 person)
※It is also possible to rent the whole room according to the number of people.(ex. group or family) Please feel free to let us know.
Meals Not served.
・There is a kitchen so you can bring your own ingredients and cook for yourself.
We have refrigerator, 2 microwaves, toaster, rice cooker, electric pot, gas stove, cooking utensils, tableware.
・You can have a barbecue outdoors on the premises. Please bring your own barbecue tools (Half-size drums can be rented. For use by non-lodger, ¥5,000 extra, regaedless of the number of guests).
Bath ・Separate shower rooms respectively for men or women.(3 showers in each room)
・Two modular bathrooms with bathtub.
Amenities 【Facilities】
Air conditioner (each room), TV and Blu-ray disc (lounge),  extension cord, electric fan, heater, flush toilet, shower room, modular bathroom, 3 hair driers, kitchen, washing machine (Please bring your own laundry detergent), laundry pole, clothes hanger, hanging dryer, clothespin, long folding table, folding chair, balcony with roof, outdoor waterway, Go set. 

shampoo and conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, face towel(¥100), bath towel(¥150)

【Parking Lot Availability】
Reservation method Please make a reservation by phone
Contact 090-5278-3233 
Address 821 Karato, Teshima, Tonoshocho, Shozugun, Kagawa
Very close to “Karato oka Shukaijo mae” bus stop
Next to Karato Oka Shukaisho bus stop. Orange roof will serve you as a landmark for you.